MIko Car

About Us


MiKo Car company was founded at 1999 as a transport company focused on personal transportation for corporate clients as hotels, travel agencies etc.  Since the beginning we have been providing quality service and obtained business partners who helped to our expansion, car fleet stabilisation and training of our professional drivers.To ensure satisfaction of our corporate clients and their customers we continuously improve our services, keep price at reasonable level and employ only reliable drivers.The operating centre is available 24 hours per day 365 days per year to receive your orders and requirements. Also company management is available any time and all problems are solved immediately in favour of our customer.


MiKo Car uses its owns limousines, microbus and minibus which were purposely chosen to meet the requirements of our clients.  The most reliable brands like Skoda Superb, BMW, VW Caravelle and minibuses (17 - 25 seats) are represented in the fleet. All cars are properly insured, air-conditioned and not older than 3 years. Our long term clients are involved in purchase of new cars – they comment on specification, equipment or color. Cars can be free of charge equipped by signage to promote business of our corporate clients.


MiKo Car employs staff on full time. All of them went through the careful hiring process and had to fulfill all company requirements. From drivers we require language skills, proved record of driving experience, professional attitude and polite behavior. Our clients actively participate in hiring and evaluating of all our employees. Dress code is strictly formal and also approved by our clients. Company management consistently keeps control over pricing and ensure there is no space for harming of our clients and customers (any complain would automatically lead into firing of a cheating driver).


Safety of all our customers is the most important for us all the time. For more then six years of our operation we record only a few minor incidents with zero injuries


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MiKo Car invests most of its profit into the car fleet development and expansion to ensure sustainable service improvement.Our efficient operations enables us to offer price advantage for our long-term  clients. Also, we provide extra services like transportation of VIP or currier services free of charge upon an extra agreement.


We believe you will find our offer interesting and our service reliable.